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"A Handbook of Cookery for a Small House "
"Life of Christ "
"Los valores literarios "
"Paris de siècle en siècle "
"The Day of Resis "
"The Invention of Typography "
"The Little Fig-tree Stories "
"The Negro in Tennessee, 1790-1865 "
"Where Stillwater Runs Deep "
A Fortnight at the Front
A White King in East Africa
Alone in London
Autels privilégiés
Bashan and I
Blackboard Sketching
Captain of the Kali
Cesare Lombroso, a modern man of science
Charley's Log: A Story of Schoolboy Life
Claros varones de Castilla, y Letras
Coins de Paris
Companionable Books
Contes espagnols d'amour et de mort
Crystallizing Public Opinion
Das Lyzeum in Birkholz: Roman

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