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Coal Mining: Described and Illustrated (Classic Reprint)
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Spur Gearing: Rules and Formulas Internal Spur Gears Design of Spur Gears (Classic Reprint)
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Aus der Gasmotoren-Praxis: Auswahl, Prüfung und Wartung der Gasmotoren (Classic Reprint)
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Hydraulics (Classic Reprint)
Forgotten Books Hydraulics (Classic Reprint)
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Description of the Croton Aqueduct (Classic Reprint)
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Chimney Design and Theory: A Book for Engineers (Classic Reprint)
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Shafting, Pulleys, Belting, Rope Transmission, and Shaft Governors (Classic Reprint)
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A Practical Treatise on Friction of Air in Mines (Classic Reprint)
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Standard Specifications for Steel Railway Bridges (Fixed Spans), 1922 (Classic Reprint)
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Marine Engineering: A Text-Book (Classic Reprint)
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A Handbook of Laboratory Glass-Blowing (Classic Reprint)
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Steam: Its Generation and Use (Classic Reprint)
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Problems in Alternating Current Machinery (Classic Reprint)
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Railway Signal Engineering (Mechanical) (Classic Reprint)
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Telegraphie und Telephonie Ohne Draht (Classic Reprint)
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Construction of Masonry Dams (Classic Reprint)
Forgotten Books Construction of Masonry Dams (Classic Reprint)
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Aluminum Repairing (Classic Reprint)
Forgotten Books Aluminum Repairing (Classic Reprint)
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Annual Report of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board, 1905 (Classic Reprint)

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