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"Think Less! Golf!" by Dean Harris is a groundbreaking exploration of the mental dynamics that define success on the golf course. As an amateur golfer turned author, Harris shares his transformative insights and practical strategies for improving performance by shifting the way players think.

In this insightful book, he challenges the conventional wisdom that overthinking leads to better results in golf, and instead advocates for a more intuitive and instinctual approach, emphasizing the importance of trusting one's natural abilities and embracing the flow of the game.

Through engaging anecdotes and easy-to-follow exercises, Dean Harris guides readers on a journey of self-discovery, helping them break free from the mental traps that hinder their performance. From overcoming perfectionism to managing pressure, he provides practical tools for cultivating a calm and focused mindset on the course.

"Think Less! Golf!" goes beyond mere technique, offering a holistic approach to golf improvement that integrates mindfulness, visualization, and self-awareness. The author demonstrates how a relaxed and confident mindset can unlock hidden potential and lead to greater enjoyment and fulfillment in the game.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, "Think Less! Golf!" offers valuable insights and actionable strategies for mastering the mental side of golf. With Dean Harris as your guide, you'll learn to quiet the mind, trust your instincts, and unleash your true golfing potential.


Publisher - BookVAULT Publishing

Author(s) - Dean Harris | Ian Durman


Published Date - March 26 2024

ISBN - 9781804678091

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 134

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