The Middle East in Turmoil


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The Middle East is a swirling cauldron of instability, insecurity and unrest. And right in the middle of this turmoil, the threats posed to smaller groups like Greeks of Cyprus and Azeri Armenians are growing by the day.

In this book, author Aris Petasis asks the question – do hard-pressed small groups have a viable future in the Middle East?

The Middle East in Turmoil is a thoughtful examination of how foreign interference and poor leadership have had a lasting and damaging impact on the region. Looking in detail at the ways violence, conflict and chaos have ravaged and changed the area, readers will gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced by the people living there.

Born in Cyprus himself, Petasis offers an informed and considered perspective of what life is like for smaller Middle East groups, including the Greeks in Cyprus, the four Kurdish minorities, the minority populations in Lebanon, Egypt and Azerbaijan as well as Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

With no end to the wars and conflicts in sight, can peace ever return to the Middle East? Or has living with the constant threat of danger on your doorstep simply become the new normal?


Publisher - Shilka Publishing

Author(s) - Aris Petasis


Published Date - January 12 2024

ISBN - 9781804430415

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 4 cm

Page Count - 607

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