Evolution of Communism


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The beginning story of the communism was like this:


A ghost walks in Europe - the ghost of communism. All the forces of old Europe entered into a sacred alliance to defeat this ghost: the Pope and the Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French radicals and German police agents.


Where is the opposition party not being accused of being communist by its opponents? Where is the opposition, which has not thrown this blightful communism accusation back to its reactionary adversaries as well as to the more progressive opposition parties?


Two things come out of this phenomenon:


I. Communism itself has already been recognized as a force by all European powers.


II. It is already time for the Communists to openly react to the whole world, to publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and their Manifestos of the Party to this ghost of Communism.


THE BOOK in your hand not only reveals the historical direction of communism, but also reveals an evolutionary history that extends to present and even to future years. In this study discussed Ukraine, Spain, and Bolivia, and so on the other small Countries, how your current revolutionary mobility will shape this century in the recent times or near future.




So far, history is the history of all societies, class struggles.
Free people and slaves, patriarchs and plebes, gentlemen with serfs, guild masters and kalfa, one word, one oppressed with oppression have always faced each other, uninterrupted, occasionally covered, sometimes open, Either by a totally revolutionary reestablishment of the society, or by the collapse of the conflicting classes.


In earlier periods of history, almost everywhere, we find a complicated social order, a wide range of social position grades, in various clusters. Patriarchs, knights, plebs, slaves in ancient Rome; From the serfs of the Middle Ages, came the distinguished urbanites of the first cities. The first items of the bourgeoisie also developed from these urbanites.


The discovery of America, the circumnavigation of Cape of Good Hope, opened new fields for the emerging bourgeoisie. The East Indian and Chinese markets, the colonization of America, the exploitation of commerce, the increase in the means of exchange and in general the commodities, the commercial, the shipping, the industrial, the unprecedented breakthrough, and thus the rapid development of the revolutionary element of feudal society in its collapse.


The feudal industrial system, in which industrial production was monopolized by closed lonces, was no longer sufficient for the growing needs of new markets. His manufacturing system took his place. Guild master craftsmen were pushed to an edge by the middle class; The division of labor between different guild units has disappeared in the face of the division of labor within each individual workshop.


Meanwhile, the markets continued to grow steadily, demand continued to rise steadily. Even the builder was not enough anymore. On top of that, steam and machine revolutionized industrial production. Manufuction took its place in the giant modern industry, the industrial middle class, the industrial millions, the leaders of all industrial armies, the modern bourgeoisie.


Modern industry has established a world market in which America has laid its foundations for exploration. This market has made great progress in trade, shipping, and road transport. This development also affected the spread of industry; And the bourgeoisie has developed in the same direction, in proportion to the expansion of industry, commerce, shipping, and railways, has increased its capital and has pushed all the classes from the Middle Ages into the background.


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Author(s) - Tarkan Özhan


Published Date - March 15 2024

ISBN - 9786256004672

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