The Night Before Christmas in Scotland


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This classic poem, "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore, has been translated into Scots by Scottish author Kirsty Strange.

Blending Scottish humour with a jaunty musical score by James Strange, this version is a fresh take on a classic while preserving the original poem's festive and nostalgic essence. The beautiful vintage artwork of Jessie Willcox Smith has been restored and redesigned to illustrate this reimagined work.

So snuggle doon and enjoy this nostalgic trip with your bairns as you experience the magic of Christmas with a Scottish twist.

"Twis th' nicht afore Christmas
when aw aboot tha hoose,
Nae creature wis stirrin'
no even a moose..."

  • Fantastic stocking filler
  • A quirky take on a timeless classic
  • Cherish this festive story for all the family to enjoy
  • Enjoy singing along as Santa calls out to his reindeer!
  • Fun to read

The Night Before Christmas in Scotland is a fantastic addition to any book lover's collection and perfect for sharing with others. Enjoy reading it with your best "Outlander" accent and share this keepsake with family members during festive gatherings.

This quirky take on a classic makes a fantastic stocking filler or Christmas Eve gift. It's the perfect gift for anyone interested in Scottish culture, those with Scottish roots, and those who enjoy collecting different versions of the famous poem.

Add a wee bit of festive magic to your holiday season this year with "The Night Before Christmas in Scotland".

About the author: Kirsty Strange is a Scottish author. She enjoys retelling old stories using the Scots language and adding a touch of humour. She lives in Fife with her husband, two spirited kids, and two equally spirited cats. She is fascinated by Scottish history and travels around Scotland with her family, researching stories from the past to share with others.


Publisher - Dragonfly Publishing Group Ltd

Author(s) - Kirsty Strange | Clement Moore | James Strange


Published Date - October 05 2023

ISBN - 9781739716370

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 0.2 cm

Page Count - 36

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