Planting the Seeds. A Book of Poetry, Short Stories and Prayers.


Title: Hardback
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Do you normally read a book from cover to cover? You're going to want to do that with this book. "Planting The Seeds" Poetry, Stories, and Prayers
Even before you get to the actual content of this book, you will find a wealth of mystery, truth, and wonder!
Each step you take is preparation for what's to come... so make sure you read every morsel because it's there for a reason. To bless you! And each step forward with a flip of a page you are experiencing the sowing of the most marvelous garden of your life and you will walk away with the tools to tend to it. And so it is~ Judy Vanco, Amazon review


Publisher - Praxis Publishing

Author(s) - Abby Wynne


Published Date - March 26 2020

ISBN - 9781916362703

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 1.7 cm

Page Count - 250

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