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Worlds of Possibility collects uplifting, happy, and hopeful science fiction and fantasy. Come race a cat on a rocket powered bike, visit a doctor who is a literal elephant, eat a magic cupcake, watch a lucha libre match where the wrestlers use magic, and more! Edited by Julia Rios, this book contains 49 original stories and poems by authors from all over the world, with cover art by Grace P. Fong, and many beautiful full color interior illustrations by various artists.

Table of Contents:


  • "A Saturday Out" by Lena Ng, illustrated by Julia Kim
  • "The Only Worthwhile Human Cargo" by Valerie Valdes
  • "How to Defeat Gravity and Achieve Escape Velocity" by Miyuki Jane Pinckard
  • "Purple / Magenta" by Tiara Mica
  • "The Galaxy I Found in My Bowl of Ph?" by Allison Thai
  • "heat death" by Jennifer Mace
  • "Bidaai ki Chicken Curry" by Keyan Bowes
  • "What It Was Like to Be Grounded" by Angela Acosta
  • "Between the Storms" by Jennifer Hudak, illustrated by Olha Melnyk


  • "Indehiscent" by Marisca Pichette
  • "Heirloom" by Avra Margariti
  • "Fencepost / Tree" by Marc A. Criley, Illustrated by Andrew Turok
  • "Things Most Meaningful" by P.A. Cornell, Illustrated by Ana Rubio
  • "the jacarandas consider blooming" by Gwynne Garfinkle
  • "Flowers With Teeth" written and illustrated by Jenn Reese
  • "La Calavera Catrina" By Héctor González


  • "An Ambient Summer's Day" by Q. Imagine
  • "Flying" by Matthew Berg, Illustrated by Andrew Turok
  • "The Migration of Birds Through the City of Glass" by Priya Chand
  • "Hosting the Beckhams" by S N Roy, illustrated by Ninad Dahake
  • "Cloud Zoo" by Moriam E. Kuye
  • "What It Takes to Stay Wild" by Die Booth
  • "Songs from Samarkand" by Khushbu Khushi, illustrated by Mariam Taufeeq


  • "Friends" by Kilmeny MacMichael
  • "After 10pm" by Natalie Anai Nowo Lydick
  • "Of poetry and me" by Jean Goulbourne
  • "Water and Glass" by Megan Baffoe, illustrated by Ana Niki
  • "Waves of Reflection" by Q. Imagine
  • "The Monsters Your Mother Still Asks About" by Stewart C Baker, Illustrated by Andrew Sanchez


  • "Walpurgis Eve" by Laura Theis, illustrated by Jessica P. Wick
  • "Stovetop Gods" by D.A. Vorobyov
  • "Mid Autumn Festival Mice" by Joyce Chng
  • "Metal Can Lanterns" by Joyce Chng
  • "The Chavrusa" by Y.M. Resnik, illustrated by Ranskullclash


  • "Elephant Doctor" by Tenukah, illustrated by Eliseeva Elizaveta
  • "The Ng Yut Queen - (The ? ? Queen)" by Eliza Chan, illustrated by Danchel Romero
  • "The Last Amanda" by Lauren M. Roy
  • "How to Be a Ghost" by Annika Barranti Klein
  • "She Says" by Winifred Yost
  • "Prep Luay" by Jeané D. Ridges
  • "Top Reviews of the Sweet Beauty Bakery, Home of Extraordinary Gender Reveal Cakes" by Jo Miles


  • "Magic Systems for the Future" by Lynne Sargent
  • "Holding on to Queer Joy" by R.B. Lemberg
  • "Magic Lucha" by Pedro Iniguez
  • "3am Eternal" by Eden Royce, illustrated by Wunder
  • "When the Beautician Thinks of Herself as a Healer" by Michele Tracy Berger
  • "Rewriting the Formula of Race as a Single Sentence" by Zaynab Iliyasu Bobi
  • "6 Must-Have Sentient Spellbooks (and How to Find Them)" by Alexei Collier, illustrated by Julia Kim


Publisher - Worlds of Possibility

Author(s) - Julia Rios


Published Date - December 29 2023

ISBN - 9781961778016

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 2.5 cm

Page Count - 378

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