World War 1 Diaries of Thomas Cheshire

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This book is a transcript of diaries, letters and recollections all written by Thomas Cheshire during the Great War. Thomas Allen Cheshire was born in Crewe in Cheshire in 1889. He served under the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and was 25 when he started writing letters and diaries from the Front line to be sent to his sweetheart, Kit. Dedicated to her, he wanted to give an insight into the social conditions of the war, and to portray the soldier?s true character. His first diary commences on the 4th August 1914 when he describes the mobilisation of Great Britain. He continues his daily diaries throughout August, detailing the training, preparation and travels until finally setting sail aboard the SS Caledonia on August 22nd, setting foot on French soil on the 23rd and joining the Battle of Mons on the 25th August 1914. October?s diary continues with another battle - the Battle of Meteren. The 2nd diary covers the period from the end of October 1914 to January 1915 and in Thomas?s letter to Kit he dedicates the two diaries as a wedding present. Thomas describes life in the trenches in this diary, his meeting of The King in December, and also the ?rest? at Christmas. In April 1915, Thomas was badly injured in the arm and sent home from The Front. The 3rd diary is a series of recollections detailing his recuperation during 1915, although it wasn?t finished and ready to send to Kit until February 1918. Kit and Thomas got married in January 1916 and welcomed a baby son in February 1917. His marriage and the birth of his only son are touched upon in the 4th Diary, although this was never completed. The last entry is dated 1st March 1918 and Thomas passed away on the 16th October 1918. The diaries and recollections survived the war and were kept and treasured by Kit, until she gave them to a member of Thomas?s family for safekeeping. They were then lent to Malcolm to read and he was so taken by them that he felt they ought to be transcribed so that a wider audience could appreciate them. He took upon the task and spent many hours trying to do the diaries justice. Although he completed the actual transcript, Malcolm sadly passed away before publication. The book was completed for Malcolm by his family to honour his wish and in dedication of all his hard work.


Publisher -

Language - English

Author(s) - Malcolm Channon


Published Date - January 01 2019

ISBN - 9781784565701

Dimesions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.1 cm

Page Count - 360

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