What's Right For Me? Making decisions in pregnancy and childbirth


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The decisions that we make about pregnancy and childbirth can shape our experiences, health and lives for years to come, as well as those of our children and families. But many of those decisions are complex, confusing and made harder by the fact that we live in a world which is filled with options and opinions that can feel overwhelming.

What’s Right for Me? is an invaluable book which helps make these decisions feel less daunting. This updated edition covers everything from ideas about risk and different perspectives on birth, to how to interpret and consider information about tests, interventions and birth options. Dr Sara Wickham’s easy-to-understand explanations, real-life examples and top tips are like having a friendly expert by your side, helping you to understand your choices, your rights and ultimately why your decisions should be about what’s right for you and only you.

“Everyone having a baby needs this book. The information in its pages is precious and vital. Sara is the ultimate information-sharer: experienced, knowledgeable and wise, at the same time as being honest, accessible and friendly. I just love the way Sara writes - everything offered in this book is immediately about YOU. Sara addresses her readers directly and guides them through all the choices that may be ‘offered’ on their (and their baby’s) own particular journey. She reminds them all along that the decisions are always theirs, and there is no beating about the bush around what pregnant women and those supporting them might encounter along the way. Possible scenarios are presented and described vividly, with the individual’s rights clearly laid out, and practical suggestions about how to listen and respond to professionals when their views differ from those of the woman and her supporters.” Becky Reed, Midwife and Author.

“Dr Sara Wickham is renowned for writing fabulous books full of evidence-based information about options in maternity care. How perfect that she has also written the ultimate guide to making decisions!” Rachel Reed, Midwife and Author.

“Sara Wickham's wide knowledge and talent for clear and concise writing makes this book a valuable asset for any woman who wants solid information based on good evidence and to be confident and well informed in decision-making.” Ina May Gaskin, Midwife and Author.

“This is a wonderful book. I love its chatty style and real respect for women’s rights.” Beverley Beech, Formerly Hon Chair, Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services.

“One of the things I love and appreciate most about Dr. Sara Wickham besides her wonderfully warm heart is the way she’s able to probe, deconstruct, decipher, and translate the abstruse data and directives that swirl around the childbearing family and their care providers - empowering us to ask our questions and think things through from a variety of perspectives. Whether you’re preparing to give birth now or simply hope to one day do so, I enthusiastically recommend this book. Our inimitable Sara strikes again with a tool designed to help birthing women determine what they truly need and want for themselves and their babies amidst a cacophony of options and opinions.” Kim Osterholzer, Midwife.

“Sara’s writing is clear and concise and this is an easy to read and understand book. However it certainly never dumbs down the subject matter as so many pregnancy books tend to. Learning properly about birth gives you options to shape your birth experience as you wish. I give this book as standard to all my clients. I heartily recommend it.” Melanie Bearne, Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Teacher.


Publisher - Sara Wickham

Author(s) - Sara Wickham


Published Date - September 20 2022

ISBN - 9781914465048

Dimensions - 20.3 x 13.3 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 145

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