Walking with God

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Most of this book was at some point or other written as articles which could be read as stand-alone items so one way of reading this book would be to simply read it ? a section at a time and hopefully with Bible in hand, looking up the passages I have used. Would that all walked with God and acknowledged his sovereignty! It is one of the great human tragedies that people generally choose to go their own way and that the relationship with their Maker is broken. If we are to ?put the world to rights? we must start with ourselves and ensure that our relationship with God is put right first and then we must continue to search out a path which will keep us in step with Him and ultimately bring us upon a path which will lead to a time and place on earth where all is right with God. First we must get to know God. Second understand the nature we have and how we are separated from Him. Thirdly it is necessary to understand that God has provided a way by which sin?s breach has been resolved through the saviour God has provided; Jesus Christ. And finally, we need to know where we are headed. And who is going with us. It is important to acknowledge at this point that the answers to all our questions are in the Bible. How should we regard this book?


Publisher -

Author(s) - David Nightingale


Published Date - February 26 2019

ISBN - 9781784566241

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 202

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