Understanding Jacques Ellul

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Even the authors of this work admit that Jacques Ellul did not know everything, that he did not interpret everything accurately, but, they argue, he was one of the world's last great polymaths and one of the most salient Christian thinkers of his era. With the goal of offering a comprehensive appraisal of the modern world, and of the place of Christian faith in it, Ellul wrote over fifty books and a thousand articles. He addressed almost every major facet and institution of modern society and many more from previous ages and engaged his material with simplicity, sincerity, courage, and a passion that few have matched. In spite of this there has never before been a single volume introduction to his ideas and their significance. Jeffrey P. Greenman, Read M. Schuchardt and Noah J. Toly address this lack with Understanding Jacques Ellul, an interdisciplinary exploration of the different branches of Ellul's work. This essential new study illuminates is a fuller, more robust and more realistic Ellul, a man whose voice is well worth listening to, and whose mind well worth examining.


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Author(s) - Noah J. Toly | Noah J. Toly | Jeffrey P. Greenman | Read Mercer Schuchardt | Jeffrey P. / Read Mercer/ Noah J. Greenman/ Schuchardt/ Toly


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ISBN - 9780227174067

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1 cm

Page Count - 184

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