Understanding and Caring for People with Brain Disorders

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People with brain disorders often need substantial amounts of care and the need for this care within the general population is growing year on year. This handbook aims to help families and frontline staff provide better care for people who have neurological difficulties by providing knowledge to help in the understanding of brain injuries and disorders. This comprehensive handbook looks at the various parts and functions of the brain offering a basic functional neuro-anatomy as well as information on the different aspects of cognition in 'normal' brain functioning, such as attention, memory and executive abilities. It is designed to create an awareness of what can go wrong and provides an outline of the different common neurological disorders and their possible cognitive, emotional and behavioural manifestations. The 13 chapters written by various professionals guide the carer in understanding the different professional steps taken in caring for someone with a neurological disorder, these include assessments that professionals may undertake and the limitations of such interventions. The handbook also considers the following: * the various parts and functions of the brain * understanding the brain and the thinking process cognitive process * emotions, feelings and behaviours, and how they are related * problems with fatigue and sleep * common disorders and what can go wrong with the brain * treatment and assessment procedures offered by professionals * approaches to recovery and rehabilitation * applying neurological ideas to mental health problems * applying neurological ideas to learning disabilities. Vital information for: psychologists, neuro-psychiatrists, NHS care staff, mental health trusts, supported housing, students and trainees of health and social professions, carers, friends and families of people with brain disorders.


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Author(s) - Declan McNicholl | Rob Poppleton


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ISBN - 9781841962795

Dimensions - 24.6 x 18.5 x 2.6 cm

Page Count - 409

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