Undercover Legends


Title: Paperback
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Four lives…

Two people…

One question…

What do you really know about the people around you?

To the residents of leafy Acacia Avenue, Mr and Mrs Smith were like any other couple. Living a very ordinary life, in a very ordinary suburb, on the outskirts of a very ordinary city.

But behind closed doors, Mr and Mrs Smith were at the heart of a world filled with deception and organised crime - and they were the good guys.

Inspired by true events and detailing Mr and Mrs Smith’s covert deployments, this is first in a series of gripping tales.

‘Undercover Legends’ is a fascinating insight into the double lives of two undercover officers. First as individuals and then as a couple, they had to balance the stresses and strains of their real lives, families and relationships, with the murky underworld they found themselves enmeshed in.

In many ways, their legends, those false identities and lives that inhabited the criminal world, were no less real than the lives they were born into. That was a must as their lives may have depended on the robustness of their cover. Four lives… two people.

One question… will you join them on their extraordinary story?


Publisher - Hendry Publishing Ltd

Author(s) - David Le Courageux


Published Date - May 16 2022

ISBN - 9781739813666

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 262

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