Transforming Visions

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Highlighting the transformation of earlier texts, traditions and theology, these ten essays explore the diverse ways in which the Book of Ezekiel reshapes Israel's legal traditions, rituals, oracles against foreign nations, royal ideology, conception of the individual, remembrance of the past, and hope for the future. The subsequent transformation of Ezekiel itself in scribal transmission and in the New Testament is also explored in the concluding contributions. Through this approach, Transforming Visions open the doors to a wide-ranging discussion of the Book of Ezekiel in all its aspects. This multi-faceted work of scholarship is an important contribution to Ezekiel studies, and will be of great interest to all students and scholars of the Old Testament. "The present volume, edited by two rising Ezekiel scholars, Michael A. Lyons and William A. Tooman, makes a substantive contribution to the burgeoning discussion of the Book of Ezekiel by emphasizing the theme of transformation, understood in relation to the text of Ezekiel, the traditions on which it draws and by which it developed, and its theological perspectives. Each essay engages a different aspect of the study of the book, and thereby opens and advances scholarly dialog in its own right."


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Author(s) - William A. / Michael A. Tooman / Lyons | William A. / Michael A. Tooman / Lyons


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ISBN - 9780227173688

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 2 cm

Page Count - 378

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