The Seven Secrets of Successful Authors

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Avoid costly mistakes and create more profit by writing a strategic book. A strategic book acts like a brochure or business card on steroids. So don't waste time selling your book, let your book sell you! The Seven Secrets of Successful Authors is the first step towards planning, publishing, and productising your strategic book correctly, so that it becomes a laser-focussed marketing tool that gives you more clarity, credibility, and collateral. The book describes a simple foolproof system for writing a book, with every step already planned and mapped out in detail for you to follow? The Seven Secrets of Successful Authors exposes a simple process to get your knowledge, skills and expertise out of your head and into print sooner than you ever imagined possible. The author has worked with many business-owners, entrepreneurs and specialists who aspired to become successful authors in their fields of expertise. They're people who wanted to increase their credibility FAST and stand head and shoulders above their competitors. Successful authors use a simple ABC framework to write a Strategic Book: ??? Achieve Strategic Clarity. Planning a clear strategic direction gives focus. ??? Boost Personal Credibility. Publishing a Strategic Book enhances your personal reputation. ??? Create Profitable Collateral. Productising creates profit from your existing skills and knowledge by creating collateral that attracts pre-sold prospects who want to become customers. The Seven Secrets of Successful Authors was written to support authors through the first part of the ABC framework. Here is what you'll discover inside: Secret 1: WHAT to write about Secret 2: WHO to write for Secret 3: WHY your readers buy books Secret 4: HOW to design your book Secret 5: WHEN to finish writing Secret 6: WHERE to promote your book Secret 7: WHICH specialists to use


Publisher -

Author(s) - Kevin Bermingham


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781908101747

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.2 cm

Page Count - 230

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