The Regenerative Enterprise: leading change at a time of planetary crisis


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A visionary and practical pathway empowering entrepreneurs to build future-fit organisations responding to the planetary crisis - with a foreword by Christiana Figueres, Xiye Bastida and Rajiv Joshi.

The Regenerative Enterprise explores how economists, systems thinkers, and pioneering changemakers are catalysing a new economy that works in harmony with nature - a field called regenerative entrepreneurship.

The book charts a clear and actionable journey for businesses to move from a sustainable to a regenerative and equitable mindset supporting life on Earth. It is illustrated by countless examples of life’s 3.8 billion years of R&D, as well as indigenous values, and more than 120 examples of companies leading the way - from replenishing ecosystems to democratising the workplace, reinventing ownership, and transforming waste into wealth.

The Regenerative Enterprise will trigger your thinking and empower you to lead from the future. It is your indispensable guide for leading transformational change and unleashing the power of co-creation and radical collaboration.

Together, we can be the ReGeneration!


‘Seminal’ – Christiana Figueres

‘The Regenerative Enterprise describes an alternative way ahead, clearly written and with excellent examples of companies already on the right path.’ – Jane Goodall

'Sustainability is now lost to fluff. “ESG" lost in confusion. If “regenerative” emerges from buzz to real, it will only be thanks to concrete examples and books with solid thinking. You will find it all in The Regenerative Enterprise.' – Per Espen Stoknes

‘You will find the gestures of something profound, the outlines of something important, written in this book.' – Bayo Akomolafe

'Within a generation we will transform the relationship between individual businesses, the entire economy and the society and ecosystems within which they are embedded. We need maps to help us navigate and examples to inspire - this book provides both and will be an invaluable guide to all of us embarking on this journey.' – Nigel Topping

‘This book not only presents practical tools to ensure enterprises drive positive change, it presents plenty of case studies that prove there is no excuse for business leaders not to be part of transforming the economy into one that serves humanity.’  Katherine Trebeck

‘The Regenerative Enterprise have heeded the call - making a strong case for a new system that places the wellbeing of humans, life, and living systems, at the centre of their model. This book brings many pioneering fields of study together to capture the moral imperative of the zeitgeist.' – Michael Pirson

'This is an imaginative, thoughtful, and constructively critical contribution to our thinking about how economic action and actors can align with planetary needs, and become part of the solution - rather than continuing to be the problem - for confronting compounding global crises.' – Joel Bakan

'The Regenerative Enterprise stands out by offering a steady vision and practical path to the more beautiful future our hearts know is possible: one proven by 4 billion years of evolution and countless generations of our ancestors. The answers we need are all here.' – Tamsin Woolley-Barker

‘The Regenerative Enterprise is a great clarion call for changemakers to roll up their sleeves and start building a new regenerative economy worthy of our children's children in harmony with Nature. The book is full of inspiring case studies from pioneering entrepreneurs - as well as tools and frameworks to put regenerative theory into practice.’ – Laura Storm

‘Indispensable reading for any entrepreneur embarking on a regenerative pathway.’ – Pedro Tarak


Publisher - Niels de Fraguier and Stephen Vasconcellos

Author(s) - Niels de Fraguier | Stephen Vasconcellos


Published Date - September 06 2023

ISBN - 9798854650168

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 2.5 cm

Page Count - 434

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