The Razcaleer and The Tale of Bothersome Mr Bone


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The Razcaleers and The Tale of Bothersome Mr Bone is a funny children's book. The book is about fun, laughter, and adventure!


It is the first book in a children's chapter series about The Razcaleers. The Razcaleers laugh all the time. Their leader is King Rullor, The Razcaleer King. He is so much fun!


The Razcaleers are small heroes who come to the aid of children struggling with bothersome adults. Adults sometimes forget what it's like to be young and carefree, and their nagging and rules can ruin any child's fun. But fear not: The Razcaleers are here to save the day! The Razcaleers live inside Smiling Mountain and swim in the River Berry. The River Berry is full of juice with magic powers.

If the children open a bottle of the magic River Berry Juice then The Razcaleers will come. This is a new release children's book for 2024.


The Razcaleers are ready to help children stand up to the bothersome adults and reclaim their fun. With illustrations and lots of laughter, this book will become a favourite among young readers.


In this episode, the bothersome adult is Mr Bone. He is the new school head. He comes to Happy Hollow, near Smiling Mountain, for the school's new term. The schoolchildren have had a fantastic summer. However, everything goes wrong on the first day back to school. Mr Bone is so mean to the children that they call The Razcaleers. The children want to have fun, however, Mr Bone spoils everything.


There are lots of funny moments. The Razcaleers are happy all the time! The theme of the book is laughter!


Publisher - Balloonificent Bookstore

Author(s) - Arlene McWilliam Green


Published Date - January 30 2024

ISBN - 9781738509225

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.2 cm

Page Count - 166

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