The Quantum Curators and the Great Deceiver


Title: Paperback
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Death, dishonour or duty. Time is running out and someone is going to die.

Trapped on Beta Earth, Julius has no memory of the past two years, and everything feels wrong. As he struggles to make sense of his surroundings, he is taken under the wing of a very unexpected group of people and their existence will change everything.

Back on Alpha Earth, treacherous coalitions with the worst of Beta humanity are being formed and only Neith knows the full extent of the danger. Searching for help, she approaches those she trusts, but each encounter ends in violent death. She is on her own.

Julius and his new friends need to return to Alpha to prevent the domination of his planet and rescue Neith. As they close in, they discover she has been making her own desperate plans, but is her solution too high a price?
Can they save Earth from annihilation or has time finally run out for the Quantum Curators?

Join the Quantum Curators today for a fast paced and witty adventure across time and space.


Publisher - Mudlark's Press

Author(s) - Eva St John


Published Date - January 30 2023

ISBN - 9781913628086

Dimensions - 19.8 x 12.9 x 2.5 cm

Page Count - 436

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