The Philokalia and the Inner Life

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The Philokalia, published in Venice in 1782, is an anthology of patristic writings from the Eastern Church spanning the fourth to the fifteenth centuries, and which has been the subsequent focus of a significant revival in Orthodox spirituality. It presents an understanding of psychology and mental life which is significantly different to that usually encountered in Western Christianity. It also presents accounts of both mental wellbeing and the pathologies of the mind or soul which are radically different to contemporary secular accounts and yet which also find remarkable points of similarity with contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches, such as cognitive therapy. This book provides an introduction to the history of the Philokalia and the philosophical, anthropological and theological influences that contributed to its formation. It presents a critical account of the pathologies of the soul, the remedies for these pathologies, and the therapeutic goals as portrayed by the authors of the Philokalia. It then offers a critical engagement of this material with a contemporary understanding of psychotherapy. Finally, it raises important questions about the relationship between thoughts and prayer. Written with an international academic readership in mind, the book is also accessible to a more general readership and anyone interested in Christian theology, particularly in relation to mental health issues, addictions and psychotherapy.


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Author(s) - Chris ?Cook


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ISBN - 9780227173428

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.1 cm

Page Count - 402

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