The Moral Maze

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Moral decisions present the individual with a maze of possibilities which can be overwhelming. The increasing complexity of modern life makes it difficult for Christians to know what is ethically right and how to make the right choices. David Cook, in this straightforward and very readable book, examines the main causes of the moral dilemmas in which we so often find ourselves. Not only does he provide an excellent introduction to moral philosophy and its leading schools of thought, but he also examines the sources of Christian principles: How can this Christian use the Bible as a guide to ethical problems? What role should the Church and tradition play? Dr Cook concludes that despite the numerous choices surrounding us, Christian values still offer an authoritative alternative. In the final section, a method is suggested for moral decision making at a practical level, drawing on Edward de Bono's innovative thinking techniques, and this is applied to the questions of abortion and euthanasis. The Moral Maze is a first-class textbook for students of ethics in universities and theological colleges, and the ideal introduction to how to make moral decisions for the general reader.


Publisher -

Author(s) - David Cook


Published Date -

ISBN - 9780281040384

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 192

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