The Jackdaws of Crowland

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It was about six years ago that I started to put this book together. Initially, it was the pubs and inns in Crowland - there were about 32 - so I started to find the landlords from about 1829 to 1913. I found a few pictures of them but not many as most of them have now disappeared. Then I came across a picture of the Abbey Hotel and went to see the landlord, who found a picture of the floods in Crowland. This then set me off on a trail to find out more about the 1947 floods in and around Crowland. I spent hours in Peterborough library finding details about the floods. Then I found some pictures of the floods on e-Bay and was talking to the person who I purchased them from. He told me he had about 20-30 pictures of Crowland during the floods. He said he would send them to me on a disc. Some weeks later it arrived and to my amazement there were over 80, not only of the flood but of people, parties, carnivals, events and lots more. So then I started the long trail to put it all together into a book. Finally, six years later it was finished; I do hope that it will bring back memories of 1947 to many people and hopefully that they can remember some of the places and people in the book.


Publisher -

Author(s) - John Kemmery


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ISBN - 9781844267910

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 102

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