The Human Bat and The Black Phantom (1899–1901): The Story of Spring-Heeled Jack


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The Human Bat and

The Black Phantom (1899–1901)

The Story of Spring-Heeled Jack


“Even in a thunderstorm, the Devil protects his own!”


At the end of the nineteenth century, the storypaper The Funny Wonder ran a serial called The Human Bat which asserted to be the True Story of Spring-Heeled Jack. Published in weekly episodes the story tells of a young clerk, Lionel Hope, accused of committing crimes in the guise of Spring-heeled Jack. The likeness published in the local newspaper is so uncannily similar to Lionel that even his own father believes him guilty. . Lionel, aided by his trusty companions, must do everything he can to    discover the identity of the Human Bat and to prove his own innocence. But Lionel soon discovers that the Bat has his own agenda far beyond the mayhem he brings to the small Yorkshire town,

This is the first time this story has been collated in a single volume and includes a new introduction from J.S. Mackley.


The Spring-Heeled Jack Library: Volume 4


Publisher - Isengrin Publishing

Author(s) - J.S. Mackley


Published Date - February 01 2024

ISBN - 9781917130042

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 3.3 cm

Page Count - 593

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