The Full Spectrum of Freemasonry: An Anthology


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The book reflects the author’s research interests in Victorian Freemasonry, and the Orders beyond the Craft . Th e fact that the other Orders of Freemasonry in England have a combined membership greater than that of the United Grand Lodge of England, is perhaps not as well-known as it should be, nor the fact that the period 1845 and 1880 saw an unprecedented expansion in Freemasonry in general and the other Orders of Freemasonry in particular. In bringing together into one publication a set of six previously published essays and lectures the author hopes to provide a better understanding of the importance of the other Orders of Freemasonry. He is of the fi rm belief that within, what he terms, the Full Spectrum of Freemasonry the Craft  is but one facet, and one in which the other Orders all have an equal and important part to play.


Publisher - Lewis Masonic

Author(s) - Richard Gan


Published Date -

ISBN - 9780853186205

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.7 cm

Page Count - 250

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