The Frog and the Snail


Title: Paperback
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"The frog and the snail sat on a wall, another night doing nothing at all." Until...

A snail jealous of the frog's hopping, and a frog envious of the snail's sliding, leads to a wild ride of imagination and an argument which ultimately changes both their lives forever.

"I'd glide with pride if I could slide."
"If I could hop I would not stop!"

This rhyming picture book from prolific storyteller and debut illustrator The Odd Coconut answers the age old question; what's better, sliding or hopping?

Through hilarious illustrations and bouncing verses we hear how the subtle art of not worrying about what others can do and being proud of your own abilities is the best way to keep boredom away.

So, to slide or to hop, what would you choose?


Publisher - Savage Publishing

Author(s) - The Odd Coconut


Published Date - January 29 2024

ISBN - 9781738443208

Dimensions - 25.5 x 25.5 x 0.3 cm

Page Count - 32

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