The Church of England and the First World War

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"The Church of England and the First World War" first published in 1978 explores in depth the role of the church during the tragic circumstances of the First World War using biographies, newspapers, magazines, letters, poetry and other sources in a balanced evaluation. The myth that the war was fought by 'lions led by donkeys' powerfully endures - it turns heroes into victims. Alan Wilkinson demonstrates the sheer horror, moral ambiguity, and the interaction between religion, the church and war with a scholarly, and yet poetic, hand. The author creates a vivid image of the church and society, includes views of the Free Churches and Roman Catholics, portrays the pastoral problems and challenges to faith presented by war, and the pressures for reform of church and society. "The Church of England and the First World War" is written with compelling compassion and great historical understanding, making the book hard to put down. This expert and classic study will grip the religious and secular alike, the general reader or the student. Alan Wilkinson, an Anglican priest, has ministered in three parishes, was Chaplain of St Catharine's College Cambridge and Principal of Chichester Theological College. He taught at the universities of Cambridge, Bristol and Portsmouth and the Open University. Since 1988 he has been an honorary priest at Portsmouth Cathedral. He has written extensively on the interaction between church and society in the twentieth century. "Gathering together an impressive range of printed sources, it remains the leading published work on the subject." Stephen Parker and Tom Lawson eds "God and Wa"r, 2012. "It is the most vivid account yet available of English religion in this or any other period of the twentieth century. . . . But Canon Wilkinson is no apologist for the official church." David Edwards, "Church Times".


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Author(s) - Alan Wilkinson


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ISBN - 9780718893217

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 2.1 cm

Page Count - 392

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