The Charing Cross Mystery


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Hetherwick, a young barrister, is heading home late one night when two men enter his train compartment. He listens, intrigued, to their conversation about a beautiful and mysterious – but un-named – woman. When one of the men drops dead, for no apparent reason, as the train pulls into Charing Cross station, Hetherwick is thrown headlong into a disturbing and intriguing mystery that keeps him – and the police – guessing right to the end.

“He stared wildly around him: Hetherwick caught the flash of his eye as it swept the compartment, and never forgot the look of frightened amazement that he saw in it; it was as if the man had been caught, with lightning-like swiftness, face to face with some awful thing ...”

This is an opportunity to rediscover a great, early 20th Century detective story from a well-respected author writing at the height of his powers. Set largely in the capital, this thrilling tale pulls the reader deep into 1920s London, carrying them through countless familiar place names and locations in the hunt for the perpetrator of, and reason for, this heinous crime. An amateur sleuth classic!


Publisher - The Oleander Press

Author(s) - J. S. Fletcher


Published Date - February 25 2013

ISBN - 9781909349711

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1 cm

Page Count - 177

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