The Anglo-Norman Voyage of St Brendan Bilingual edition


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The tale of St Brendan, the Irish abbot, was one of the most popular stories in Medieval Literature. Originally written in Latin in the ninth century, it was translated and adapted into Anglo-Norman at the behest of the Queen of Henry I of England in the early twelfth century.

   The narrative tells of how Brendan sets out with seventeen companions to witness the marvels of the ocean, including Hell and Paradise, on a journey that not all of them will complete.

   Filled with excitement, terror and marvellous descriptions, while still keeping the pious message of the original, the composer of the Anglo-Norman version demonstrates skilful editing to create one of the earliest examples of medieval romance writing.

   This volume contains a facing-page translation of the Anglo-Norman Voyage of Brendan as well as an Introduction by J.S. Mackley.


Publisher - Isengrin Publishing

Author(s) - J.S. Mackley


Published Date - February 01 2024

ISBN - 9781917130097

Dimensions - 19.7 x 13.2 x 1.2 cm

Page Count - 212

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