Struggling with God

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Invoking the biblical motif of Jacob's struggle with the Face of God Genesis 32, Simon D. Podmore undertakes a constructive theological account of 'spiritual trial' tentatio; known in German mystical and Lutheran tradition as Anfechtung in relation to enduring questions of the otherness and hiddenness of God and the self, the problem of suffering and evil, the freedom of Spirit, and the anxious relationship between temptation and ordeal, fear and desire. This book traces a genealogy of spiritual trial from medieval German mystical theology, through Lutheran and Pietistic thought Tauler; Luther; Arndt; Boehme, and reconstructs Kierkegaard's innovative yet under-examined recovery of the category Anf?gtelse: a Danish cognate for Anfechtung within the modern context of the 'spiritless' decline of Christendom. Developing the relationship between struggle Anfechtung and release Gelassenheit, Podmore proposes a Kierkegaardian theology of spiritual trial that elaborates the kenosis of the self before God in terms of Spirit's restless longing to rest transparently in God. Offering an original rehabilitation of the temptation of spiritual trial, this book strives for a renewed theological hermeneutic that speaks to the enduring human struggle to realise the unchanging love of God in the face of spiritual darkness.


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Author(s) - Simon D. Podmore | Simon D. ?Podmore


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ISBN - 9780227173435

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.6 cm

Page Count - 293

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