ss622 - Unexploded Shells, Bombs and Grenades

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With the enormous consumption of ammunition on both sides, it was inevitable that some would fail to function and become a potential hazard, therefore it became necessary to document how best these objects should be dealt with. This manual lists the different types of fuzes fitted to both British and German artillery and trench mortar projectiles and details how 'safe' they are to handle. With some described simply as 'relatively safe', perhaps this helps explain why so much unexploded ordnance can still be found on the battlefields today - being only relatively safe to handle, it was left well alone! About The Series The War Office Publications WW1 series are reproductions from a number of contemporary manuals and books covering First World War doctrine. These were issued by the War Office WO Stationery Services SS Department and the General Staff to all relevant departments and personnel, whereby each would require equipping, feeding, knowledge how to operate equipment, skills to fight and much more, to perform all the tasks needed to fulfil the requirements an Army needs to function. To ensure continuity in training, process and operation every facet was carefully studied and documented in a series of publications, which were circulated to explain, often in great detail how the various technical, tactical, organisational and many other functions could and should be performed. These documents provide a fascinating insight into the daily lives of soldiers, as well as details of how the conflict was fought. They also help to dispel the myth that the First World War was fought on a basis of tactical and organisational mismanagement. On the contrary, every functional detail was carefully thought through, explained and documented. They tell the true story of how the British Army fought in 1914-1918. They provide a fascinating insight for anyone with an interest in this period.


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Author(s) - War Office


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ISBN - 9781908487001

Dimensions - 19 x 13 x 0.5 cm

Page Count - 60

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