Spring-Heeled Jack: The Terror of London (1886) Book 1


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Spring-Heeled Jack: The Terror of London (1886) Book 1

Volume 2 of the Spring-Heeled Jack Library

Following a series of documented accounts of appearances at Aldershot, Colchester and Lincoln, in the 1870s Spring-Heeled Jack returned to the focus of the public’s attention as a folk hero and  was reimagined in this 48-part serial story. The shadowy figure of Spring-Heeled Jack protects two vulnerable women and protects the interests of Ralph Ashton against the misdeeds of his iniquitous relative Sir Roland Ashton and a cast of villainous characters who spread their treachery across 18th century London and beyond.

First published in 1886, this edition includes illustrations from the original publications and a new introduction by J.S. Mackley. This story is entirely separate from the earlier 1863 serial novel. This story has been separated into two parts.



Publisher - Isengrin Publishing

Author(s) - J.S. Mackley


Published Date - January 31 2024

ISBN - 9781917130011

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 3 cm

Page Count - 535

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