Spectrum 5.1/5.0 - Appendix - Information Requirements


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Spectrum gives tried-and-tested advice on the things museums do when managing their collections. Some of these are daily activities, such as moving objects around. Others are occasional, like updating insurance cover. Spectrum calls these activities procedures and there are 21 of them.

The full Spectrum standard is published in two volumes: one which includes all the collection management procedures, and this appendix.

As you follow the text version of a suggested procedure in the main volume you will notice that the bits of information you might need to record are listed (eg Object name, Entry number, Brief description). Spectrum calls these concepts units of information and lists them in information groups (eg Object identification information).

This appendix to Spectrum 5.1/5.0 lists each of the units of information in alphabetical order and gives guidance on how to record each. It also lists them in their information groups.

If you already have the Spectrum 5.0 appendix, you do not need to buy it again, as it has not changed.


Publisher - Collections Trust

Author(s) - Kevin Gosling | Gordon McKenna


Published Date - September 30 2017

ISBN - 9781900642262

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 1.4 cm

Page Count - 210

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