School Sinners

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A coming of age story that starts out in an English boarding school and ends up many years later with a series of gruesome crimes. Includes lashings of dark humour! It's the autumn of 1978 and the start of a new term at Arsington Hall, a boarding school which has seen better days. A disparate group of new pupils become friends and we follow their lives through school and beyond, as they enjoy various adventures and pursue their different ambitions. The story is spiced with dark humour and contains many allusions to the popular culture of the day. There is some adult content and the book gently mocks politicians, religious zeal and pomposity in general. We meet Katy, deeply religious and brought up by corrupt parents in Nigeria. She struggles to adapt to life in England and is often at odds with the values and behaviour of her friends. Judith and Bunty are inseparable friends from day one. They love nothing more that a good picnic with lashings of home made lemonade and a spot of wrestling. Chongy is the intellectual of the group. He is something of a dark horse and has a keen eye for the ladies. Twins Sanjeev and Asif are born entrepreneurs and their dodgy business dealings begin while they are still at school. Barry 'The Tosser' Toszer is a strange boy, whose best friend is the school dog, Killer. However, appearances can be deceptive and behind Barry's quirky exterior lies a real creative talent. Squabbling cousins Greg and Jools both choose careers in the arts, one as a pretentious rock musician, the other as a dull Radio 4 comedian and writer. There are stories from different periods in the characters' lives: a Blytonesque adventure involving smugglers in an underground tunnel; a school disco that goes badly wrong; a disastrous visit by an old boy now an ambitious, alcoholic politician; a pre-university weekend away that does not go according to plan; and an eventful five-year reunion garden party. There is a twist in the tale at the end, as one of the group of friends turns out to have committed some fairly gruesome crimes. A whimsical and irreverent rites of passage story ends with an unexpected moral conundrum.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Marc French


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781780352688

Dimensions - 19.7 x 13.2 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 321

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