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Discover your personal truth and escape the exhaustion that comes from constantly reshaping yourself to fit into external moulds.

This book will help you to discover who you really are and what you actually want from life rather than being told what you should want from life.

Have you ever wondered who you really are? What you really want to do with your life? Who you want to be? Who the real, authentic you actually is, behind the facades and layers of societal expectations and peer pressure? In a world where we're constantly told how to think, behave, and appear, it's easy to lose sight of our genuine selves, to give in and find ourselves living a fake or imitation Top of Formexistence where pleasing others takes precedence over personal truth.

In “Reclaiming Your Authenticity”, Ian Bates, an experienced psychologist, peels back the layers of societal expectation and personal insecurity that hinder us from living as our true selves. Using examples from real-world clinical practice, practical exercises, and transformative insights, the book offers a solution for those suffocated by the need to conform, those who have dimmed their light for acceptance, for anyone who has ever felt lost in the performance of life, who feel disconnected from their authentic self.

The book is rooted in the philosophy that authenticity isn't a destination but an ongoing choice – a conscious decision to show up, be real, and let our true self’s shine. The author exposes the hollow appeal of pretense, the fatigue of constant self-alteration, and the dangers of getting lost in the confusion of what others expect from you.

This book is for anyone who has ever felt pressured to conform, to dampen their uniqueness, or to sacrifice their selfhood for acceptance. It urges readers to let go of the exhausting attempts to please everyone and instead invest in cultivating and honoring their authentic selves. Because only by embracing our authentic selves can we draw in the right opportunities, form meaningful relationships, and achieve our most significant goals. Nobody finds true happiness until they reclaim their true, authentic, self.


“Reclaiming Your Authenticity” is a guide to understanding the essence of authenticity. It's a journey to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and the exhilarating freedom of being unapologetically you.



Author(s) - Ian Bates


Published Date - April 13 2024

ISBN - 9608607000129

Dimensions - 21.6 x 14 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 199

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