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Trisha takes up her story reflecting on the point she had arrived at in her life. At the end of book one; of how far she had come, the dramatic changes she had experienced in terms of renewed self-confidence, peace of mind and a loving family with which she was now truly blessed with. It is a powerful testimony of how life turned its back on the author Trisha Alleyne, just when everything in the garden seems rosy, Trisha is struck down with the rarest of rarest illnesses to a point of hopelessness. The symptoms are alarming, yet mysterious. Repeated periods of hospitalisation are painful and worrying and the medical experts cannot decide precisely what's wrong. Finally, a diagnosis is made: Trisha is suffering from a rare and serious disorder. The prognosis given is not good at all, doctors predict that the disease will render her crippled and blind for the rest of her life. As Trisha's health deteriorates it seems they have been proven right. Now faced with such an agonising and debilitating condition, Trisha considers a way out through taking her own life. What brings her back from the brink and how does she regain her will to live? In Really! She reveals her slow and determined climb- back in riveting, blow by blow detail. How? With the Grace of God, help and support of her wonderful family and friends. She has achieved what she has. So, is she able to see the light at the end of this, her darkest of tunnels? Bringing her readers right up to date with the launch of her exciting, game changing new business, that is. Tropical Inspiration. As well as being a dramatic true story of her own struggle over adversity, Trisha structures and present is REALLY! As a powerful self-help manual for anyone battling their own personal demons and whatever the challenges, readers will find the book packed with both information and inspiration.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Trisha Alleyne


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781784560355

Dimensions - 19.8 x 12.9 x 2.1 cm

Page Count - 250

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