Prophecy Trilogy: New Moon


Title: Paperback
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Follow Eli, a courageous Zodian warrior, as he grapples with the aftermath of a devastating battle, desperately striving to reclaim what was lost. Meanwhile, Talia, a fierce water warrioress and mother, finds herself torn as she tries to mend her shattered marriage.


Driven by an unwavering sense of duty, Eli is entrusted with an impossible mission—to seek out the enigmatic Chosen One, Tabatha. But this perilous quest has claimed the lives of all who have attempted it before. Will Eli's loyalty and obedience withstand the darkness that only the Chosen One can vanquish?


Publisher - Liz Bullard

Author(s) - Liz Bullard


Published Date - August 19 2023

ISBN - 9604310000012

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 224

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