Plant Forage Make, Volume 2: Colour


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Plant Forage Make is a special magazine for plant lovers and crafters. It’s like a botanical hug, designed to lift your spirits, encourage you to slow down and reconnect with the natural world around you.

The theme for volume 2 is ‘Colour’ . The contributors from around the world share articles, projects, recipes and ideas related to colour in nature. Make paint from foraged earth, try colourful and delicious recipes, create your own relaxing space in your garden, and lots more.

Plant Forage Make is published by Rebecca Desnos, a natural dyer and independent publisher in the UK. Rebecca’s vision is to unite different plant crafts and explore our relationship with plants. Together, let’s celebrate plant creativity in every form.

The magazine is designed to be a special little book that I hope you’ll cherish forever. 

  •  Create a restful ‘away’ space in the garden, by Victoria Stevens
  • Nature printing, an interview with Latifat Apatira
  • Developing a dye garden, by Liz Spencer, The Dogwood Dyer
  • Reflections on motherhood & the colour blue in nature, by Katie Whittington
  • Grow your own indigo & dye with the fresh leaves, by Rebecca Desnos
  • Make your own watercolour paints with foraged earth, by Clara Infante
  • An interview with Colleen Codekas, from Grow, Forage, Cook Ferment
  • Grow butterfly pea flowers, make a colourful spiced chai, make rainbow Socca pancakes, by Tara Lanich-LaBrie
  • An interview with wild weaver, Suzie Grieve, Foraged Fibres
  • Dandelion pesto & violet syrup, by Harmonie O’Loughlin
  • Record colour swatches in nature / start a new creative practice, Lorene Edwards Forkner
  • The colours of grief, a reflective piece, by Alice Griffin
  • Grow your own flowers to make everlasting (dried) bouquets, by Bex Partridge
  • Create your own paper cosmos flowers, by Susan Beech
  • Colourful plants and pollinators, Becky Searle


Publisher - Rebecca Desnos

Author(s) - Rebecca Desnos


Published Date - May 19 2022

ISBN - 9781739819729

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 106

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