Personal Years: Understanding Your Nine-Year Life Cycles Through Astro-Numerology


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For those on a path of personal development, self-discovery, self-improvement, and spiritual growth:

We cannot change what happened in our past, but we can prevent certain things from happening again in the future, especially negative patterns of behavior. Knowing what Personal Year you’re in or about to enter can help you decode certain behavioral patterns about yourself that you don’t want to repeat. When you know what you don’t want to repeat, you can take the necessary steps to make changes accordingly. Besides, who wants to repeat history and live life on repeat? And that is where the art of predictive numerology comes in. 


This guidebook intends to help you gain deeper, spiritual insight into the nine-year cycles of your life through Personal Years; a concept used in numerology to help you learn from your past, and pay attention to the present so you can prosper in the future, irrespective of the challenges that life may throw at you. Numerology is not necessarily about predicting your future through numbers. Instead, it is about becoming more self-aware and getting more in tune with the Universe and the energies that are always around us. When you increase your self-awareness and understand your personal numbers, you can prevent yourself from repeating the same mistakes and, ultimately, make better decisions and build the life you desire. In this guidebook, you will learn about numbers and their energetic influence on your life, including their relationship with the planets in astrology, which is imperative for understanding numerology. So, if you are on a path of personal development, self-discovery, self-improvement, and spiritual growth, then this modern-day, Astro-numerological perspective on Personal Years can help you in your life's journey.


Publisher - Jeyinti L.S. (Thursday Publications)

Author(s) - Jeyinti L.S.


Published Date - August 01 2023

ISBN - 9789083348520

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 230

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