Out of the Red

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When Anna Skye discovered that there are men around who will pay an attractive woman generously for the privilege of giving her a good spanking, belting, slippering, thrashing, paddling or caning, she realised - as a mature, intelligent and sexually active woman who had already discovered the erotic thrill of being spanked - that she had found the perfect way to repay the ?20,000 debt her late husband had left her. This is Anna's erotic, moving and often very funny account of her life before and after becoming a 'spankee', including her desperate attempts to have a child and the roller-coaster ride of internet dating. A true story of love and sex, pain and pleasure, anger and forgiveness. ?One evening I noticed my bottom in the mirror. It was a pretty good size and shape. I fetched a slipper from the bedroom and gave myself a few whacks with it. Pah! That was nothing. I wondered if I could find a way of getting spanked for money??


Publisher -

Language - English

Author(s) - Anna J. Skye


Published Date - June 01 2015

ISBN - 9781861513168

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.7 cm

Page Count - 300

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