Non Serviam: The Hypostasis of Dissent Book 1


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Expressing emotion is prohibited by law in the city state of Vencenza. Beneath its tyrannical shadow, Giorgianna, a deranged former playwright turned political fugitive, flees a brothel to seek justice for the murder of a beloved friend. When the last remnants of her bloodline are reaped by the incorrigible Minister of Dominion, Giorgianna's crooked path to retribution crosses with Vencenza's Machiavellian revolutionary hellbent on regime overturn. All the while, the weight of unending tragedy erodes Giorgianna's psyche into a vengeful bloodlust plagued by cabalistic visions hinting at an ever-darker face of the violent Powers That Be.


The first in a grimdark political fiction duology, NON SERVIAM is written in the spirit of poetry and art cinema, suffused with visceral symbolism, lush purple prose, and philosophical pondering, its vividly complex setting and worldbuilding inspired by Venice, Sardinia, and Etruscan Civilisation among much more.


Content Warnings: government oppression, death, graphic gore, self-injury, mental illness, sexual harassment, police brutality, violence against women and trans-identifying peoples, gun violence, religion, classism, discussions of sexual violence (humans, minors, corpses), child abuse, workplace violence, divorce, smoking (tobacco and opium), alcohol, mention of intravenous drug abuse, surgical procedures and needles (singular instance), fires, strong language.


Publisher - Lacrimosity and Righteous Rage Press

Author(s) - Sfarda L. Gül


Published Date - May 07 2024

ISBN - 9780645875607

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 2.6 cm

Page Count - 470

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