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The New Testament, as interpreted by the scholarly Pastor Johannes
Greber, has as its source the oldest manuscripts in the world, made available to Pastor Greber for study and translation through the courtesy and coopera-tion of theological experts and museums the world over. This is an absolutely independent translation, without restriction to the dogma of any Church.
The task was not simple. Many contradictions between what appears in
the ancient scrolls and the New Testament, as we have grown to know it,
arose and were the subject of his constant prayers for guidance,  prayers that were answered, and the discrepancies clarified to him, by God's Spirit World.

At times he was given the correct answers in large illuminated letters and
words passing before his eyes. Other times he was given the correct answers during prayer meetings. His wife, a medium of God's Spiritworld was often instrumental in conveying the correct answers from God's Messengers to Pastor Greber.
The author recognized the crying need for a translation dressed in
present day language, and not as it was spoken centuries ago. According to his own statement, he considered it a sin against the Truth to hand people of our day translations of the Bible which date from earlier centuries and appear to the modern reader peculiar and hard to comprehend which there-fore does not absorb his mind, but only tires him.
The result of Johannes Greber's efforts is a translation in plain, yet
beautiful language, so natural and clear a child would have no trouble in
understanding it. It is a work freed of all doctrinal prejudices and disbeliefs,
revealing to the reader a new world of simple beauty and true understanding
of God's Will. We would tike to share this with you . . . and with all the world!


Publisher - GreberBooks

Author(s) - Johannes Greber


Published Date - October 14 2023

ISBN - 9780989881371

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.6 cm

Page Count - 463

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