My First Science Alphabet


Title: Paperback
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From A for Anatomy to Z for Zoology, this picture book gives a playful introduction to biology, chemistry, astronomy, earth sciences, and physics. Combining colourful illustrations with simple explanations and entertaining facts, My First Science Alphabet is the perfect gateway for young minds ready to discover the captivating world of science.

Written by a former science journalist, the book is perfect for curious children eager to explore the mysteries of the world and spark their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, teacher, or librarian, this illustrated book is an essential addition to your bookshelf. It's an educational journey that fosters curiosity and ignites a lifelong passion for science. Get your copy today and embark on an extraordinary voyage. Who knows? You might just inspire the next great scientist!


Publisher - Peryton Press

Author(s) - Isla Wynter


Published Date - November 06 2023

ISBN - 9781913556860

Dimensions - 21 x 21 x 0.2 cm

Page Count - 32


Published Date - November 06 2023

ISBN - 9781913556877

Dimensions - 21 x 21 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 32

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