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MY ARROGANT FRIENDS HAM ELISHA KAIMA is a refugee. Born the son of a Ugandan tribal Prince, Ham saw his country ripped apart in the civil unrest that followed the gaining of independence from the British in 1962. He and his family lived through corrupt regimes. He saw his father murdered, his family torn apart, his business ruined, and his life shattered during the reigns of Obote and Amin. Ham Kaima had been held at gunpoint, robbed … his wife was thrown into jail. He had to flee to Britain. In exile in a country he calls his new home, Ham Kaima still longs for a united Uganda and a return to his homeland. In this moving, dramatic account of his life through those traumatic times and at a time when the refugee problem had never been more significant, Ham Kaima sets out the background of the civil war and the corruption. As a privileged listener at his father’s side, he got inside information on the dealings that broke his country’s back. He tells of the murders, the raping, the plundering of a once beautiful country. He analyses the causes and effects, looks, and hopes for a better future…


Publisher - Business Link Bureau Ltd (a JoeNeDoe Company)

Author(s) - Ham Kaima


Published Date - September 22 2022

ISBN - 9781804670750

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 2 cm

Page Count - 298

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