Mortal Mission


Title: Paperback
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When the science officer for the first mission to Mars dies suddenly, backup Hattie Fredericks gets the coveted place on the crew. But her presence on the Starship provokes suspicion when it coincides with a series of incidents which threaten to derail their mission, one of the main objectives of which is the collection of the samples from the Perseverance Rover to establish or refute the presence of life on the planet.

After a near-miss while landing on the planet, the world watches as Hattie and her fellow astronauts struggle to survive. But worse than coping with the harsh elements on Mars, is their growing realisation that someone, somewhere, is trying to kill them and sabotage the mission.

When more astronauts die, Hattie doesn’t know who to trust. And her only allies are 35 million miles away. As the tension ratchets up, violence and suspicion invade both worlds.

If you like science-based sci-fi, and a locked-room mystery with a twist, you'll love this book.



Publisher - PJ Skinner

Author(s) - Pip Skinner


Published Date - August 31 2022

ISBN - 9781913224424

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.7 cm

Page Count - 308

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