Modern Business Planning - A political cat amongst the pigeons

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Modern Business Planning - "A Political cat amongst the pigeons" It would seem that every national organisation we would look at is in some form of disarray. But why do such abnormalities exist and where is change possible where value is a focus of analysis? There are other regulated industries such as the energy market which operates in wonderment of us all but why and here again can the system be changed? The government insists there are problems with transparency yet HM Revenue and Customs would seem to access company details? There are of course various reasons that give rise to such deficiencies which are seen to be highly visible. Solutions however are not readily accessible without further analysing existing methods of business analysis. For the first time business plans can now be expressed as competitive or passive which provides more of a focus of evaluation. Passive plans incorporate more of a focus of business objectives provided by individuals or organisations not forming part of one's own company such as the government or associated regulative authorities. Can such an evaluation suggest that some of these organisations could be defined in the same way as "Cowboy Traders"? The manner in which politics can influence or has the potential to influence business cannot be underestimated. The wars in Beirut and Kuwait are seen to be typical examples. There is however other fundamental issues where other nations pursue a different focus to those normally acceptable within the UK which can be seen to be to the detriment of us all. "Who is right and who is wrong"? Many examples are provided that allow others to gauge how to accommodate the Political cat amongst the pigeons.


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Author(s) - Joe Erfurt


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ISBN - 9780755216253

Dimensions - 24.6 x 18.9 x 1.9 cm

Page Count - 417

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