Masters of Photography Vol 50 Living Legends

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FASHION INDUSTRY BROADCAST MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY Vol 50 Living Legends Photography, how times have changed of late. We now live in a world where a large number of the earth's population carries with them a high definition digital camera and video camera with them at all times. The ?selfie? has recently been added to the dictionaries of the world as an official thing. Sites like Instagram allow anyone who wishes to be their own picture editor or publisher. Leading British and iconic photographic legend Nick Knight states that his favourite camera is his iPhone not Hassleblad. It's no secret that in the tech savvy 21st century, celebrity photographers are as plentiful as they are powerful. Photographers like Steven Meisel and Mario Testino have launched the careers of countless models, stylists, and make-up artists. Others like Rankin and Nick Knight have created media platforms to take fashion photography and film in unanticipated yet important directions. And then there are the controversial photographers like Terry Richardson who is either a genius or a sex pervert depending on who's account you listen to. All of the fashion photographers on this list see themselves not as mere tools in the selling process, but artists working in a pure and high art form, who are continually redefining visual culture, beauty, and art. -David Sims -Mario Sorrenti -Solve Sundsbo -Terry Richardson -Juergen Teller -Ellen Von Unwerth -Albert Watson -Bruce Weber Fashion Industry Broadcast's ?MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY? is a series: MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Vol 9 Living Legends MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Vol 10 Living Legends MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Vol 11 Immortals MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Vol 12 Immortals MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Vol 13 Australians MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Vol 50 Living Legends MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Vol 51 The Muse MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Vol 52 New Gen Fashion Industry Broadcast is the number one destination on the web for the latest in fashion, style, creative arts, creative media, models, celebrity biographies and much more. Our site is available globally in 13 languages and is updated daily. Not a minute goes by without our passionate team scouring the globe for the latest breaking news and insider gossip. Fashion Industry Broadcast publishes on a vast array of media platforms art books, eBooks, apps for mobiles and television documentaries. We cover all the key areas of popular culture, style and media arts. Our products are sold globally in over 100 countries through our partnerships with people like Amazon, Apple, Google and many more. You can purchase all of our products directly from the FIB site, please have a browse. A very special video rich multimedia App version with hundreds of original videos, interviews, behind the scenes at fashion shoots and advertisements, is available through Apple's iTunes App store for just $4.99 per edition. Look for ?MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY? on the Apple App store. Contact About the Author Paul G Roberts is considered an authority on photography, Icons of style and also prestige fashion and brands. He is the author of the 8 edition Masters of Photography series as well as the 8 edition Style Icons series,and also the 11 edition Masters of Fashion book series for Fashion Industry Broadcast. He is also a futurist and the author of the book Trilogy on Technology and the Future titled ?NOW?, ?NEXT? and ?HOW?, and ?CONTENT And it's Rise in A Connected World?. All his titles are available globally on Amazon Books and better book sellers. For more than 25 years he has worked around the world with many of the planet's most iconic brands. He is an entrepreneur & CEO, internationally published author, brand marketing expert & creative director. He is founder and owner of the DESIRE Groupe, which celebrated 20 years of operation in 2013. Desire Groupe was founded in Melbourne in 1993 and has evolved from a brand Agency to an E Commerce & Content group with offices in Sydney, Mumbai, Milan, and soon NYC and Hong Kong. Its many products now sell into over 100 countries. The DESIRE Groupe consists of DESIRE Brand Management; Advertising, Digital & Branding, DELUXEST; Luxury Brand Ecommerce business, Style Planet TV; Screen Content Production Studios, Web Wizards Worldwide; Ecom and IT solutions and Fashion Industry Broadcast; Publishing & Apps. Roberts after graduating university, whilst in his 20's he trained in NYC with corporations who owned some of the world's biggest Brands & worked in their Ad Agencies. He has traveled his way through 5 fully stamped Passports. He is a avid practitioner of Mixed Martial Arts and trains out of the UFC Gym in Sydney Australia. You can follow his Blogs at;, and on Twitter @ ThePaulGRoberts


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Language - English

Author(s) - Paul G Roberts


Published Date - September 07 2014

ISBN - 9781630414047

Dimensions - 28 x 21.6 x 1.7 cm

Page Count - 200

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