Masters of Music Vol 19 Pop

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In this the sixth of our Music Series, and the second on Pop music we present our giant hard covered picture book on the careers of the biggest names in Pop. Pop is an abbreviation of the word popular. It doesn't mean good or tasteful. It just means popular. Pop Music is a reflection of it's time... If contemporary society deems to crown a suburban mime artist as reigning Queen of Pop, then so be it. Pop has come a long way since it's early bleating's, from the anthemic teen angst of the early sixties, to the languid internalization of Coldplay and the airbrushed soul of Beyonc?. Pop is now blurred into red carpet supermarket magazines, slotted between weight loss and divorces. It's hard work staying there, staying on top, as Michael Jackson was to find, from his troubled child stardom with the Jackson Five, to his emperor's new clothes period, culminating in his eventual death by media. That he managed to survive for over thirty years on top is an accomplishment in anyone's eyes. One could ask the question, will Justin Bieber exist after, or even before I finish writing this introduction? Britney Spears, ex-Disney child star, for a brief moment, tween, then teen poppet, sexed herself into prehab as well as rehab and our ever-eager wallets. Even Britney's old alumni Justin Timberlake, the everyman next door, now reinvented into a GQ supplement, is still known to exist. Although sadly, the sartorial elegance of the talented Andre 3000 front man of the band Outkast, burst onto the scene then promptly burst out. Jennifer Lopez career JLo'd her name out of a contract, flirting with the silver screen, whilst conducting a well-publicized supermarket affair with Sean ?Puffy? Holmes. There were crossovers - Shakira and Ricky Martin, humanitarians both, credibly reworked Latin, ex-Hawaiian Bruno Mars made reggae fusion accessible to the masses, Rihanna moved from Barbados at the age of 16 to the U.S. becoming one of the best selling artists of all time at the tender age of 24. Since we can remember, people have been talking about Pop music. FEATURED ARTISTS Jamiroquai Justin Timberlake Massive Attack Bruno Mars Amy Winehouse LMFAO


Publisher -

Language - English

Author(s) - Ian Harltey


Published Date - January 01 1970

ISBN - 9781628400762

Dimesions - 28 x 21.6 x 1.7 cm

Page Count - 200

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