Man and Beast

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Born in the Isle of Man of Irish/Welsh parentage, Noel Stuart nursed no other ambition than to work with animals. His lifelong passion and his interest in complimentary medicine combined to culminate in his eventual choice of career as a veterinary surgeon. His work as a vet and second career as a writer is a rich tapestry of down to earth practice alongside a sense of healing power beyond science. This is balanced by a great sense of humour running a sparkling thread through all that he writes. He can claim distinction as being one of the earlier vets to treat fish and has the dubious experience of treating "Daisy" an eight foot alligator. He has enjoyed being a 'lollipop man', school governor and Rotarian and also is a choir member. His first book, "It's a Dog's Life" using local marketing has sold out, and since then he has had a reprint. He is looking forward to similar success with "Man and Beast". In veterinary practice he has been faced with topless ladies in the consulting room and becoming bogged down in a dung heap whilst fleeing for his life. For millennia domestic animals have trained us to wait upon them hand and foot. Does your dog ever remind you that it is time for his morning walk? They even help us to live longer with their soothing ways. Children and animals by their nature always cut us down to size. Rachel Carter's children and dogs made sure of that. John Cregeen's cows also had him well trained to attend to their needs. All this adds up to a rich pot-pourri of life.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Noel Stuart


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ISBN - 9781780353739

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 240

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