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Brad Burns has a big problem. Not his crippling credit card debt. Not his ex-wife, and current business partner, who still blames him for the messy break-up of their marriage. Not his lovable but spiky personality, that keeps him alive, but alone. No, Brad?s big issue is that he sees dead people. And those dead people are starting to fight back. Brad is a paranormal investigator who uses his powers to shepherd the lost souls of the newly-departed to the light on the other side. In return for a fee. Naturally. But when a case goes badly wrong, Brad finds himself the prisoner of those he?d usually be hunting. Can he use his unique talents to save not only his own skin, but all of humanity? Because Brad Burns is the Paranormal Desperado. And he?ll be damned if he?ll let a bunch of pesky ghosts get in between him and those he loves. Although maybe ?damned? is tempting fate a bit too much... Love Is Dead(ly) is the brand new paranormal thriller from Gene Kendall. If you like snarky characters, ghosts who do more than go ?bump? in the night, and terrifying apocalypses, then you?ll love Love Is Dead(ly)!


Publisher - Burning Chair Publishing

Author(s) - Gene Kendall


Published Date - July 30 2020

ISBN - 9781912946105

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.6 cm

Page Count - 288

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