Lest we forget Beckenham & the Great War.

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If you were to ask me to describe the War Memorial today I would describe it as the most important structure in the town. Having spent my early life in Scotland and then Africa, when my family moved to Beckenham in 1962, everything seemed strange. As we drove down Merlin Grove for the first time I could see what looked like the Eiffel Tower in the distance; it was of course the Crystal Palace Tower but in Beckenham High St I noticed The War Memorial. The Memorial was a landmark in conversations and some buses even had the name Beckenham War Memorial on the front sign. Over a period of time, Pat and I have become Beckenham historians. We have studied the names on the Memorial and know where many lived, what they did for a living and even what schools they went to. Some of us live in those same houses today and went to the very same schools. I studied the speeches from the opening ceremony of the Memorial in 1921 including that of Rev Stewart Fleming who lost two of his family in the conflict; his words reduced me to tears. I must have used the name 'Memorial' hundreds of times, but if asked to describe precisely what it looked like I would have had problems. If the same applies to you, I hope this book will bring Beckenham's landmark to life for you too.


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